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Welcome to iReapple-Mac/iMac Spare Parts Wholesale Center

iReapple Inc. was built by Mr. Linn Song in 2017 year, engaged in a range of new and used Apple spare parts wholesale service,if you are realated distributor,repair specialist or shop owner,get in touch please. As you know that many Apple's cooperated factory located in China and producing parts for Apple devices, what we do is collect and build relations with them to get sources , then able to wholesale it overseas.
Mac parts we cover include: Complete display, Raw Panels, Batteries, Magsafe Power Adapters,Keyboards,Trackpad,Top Case,Bottom Case,Front Cover, Cables, Speakers,Cooling Fan,Hard Drives...etc.
We have good mac parts, competitve price, and good team to help you.

our office

Address:9010 Taojing Minbao Lu Minzhi Longhua Qu Shenzhen 518000 China